Epocalypse tells the stories of various different groups of survivors through the weeks and months after the end of the world. Some are in positions to try to make sense of what happened. Others have to focus on the immediate issues of survival. And as each story overlaps in timing but in different corners of the world, we begin to understand that no-one will be untouched, not only by the physical effects of natural disasters, refugee overload, martial law, starving people in the streets but also the psychological effects of suddenly, inexplicably losing all the things that had made life so easy for us all without us even noticing it. The novel follows five pockets of survivors; each have survived some calamity or other, only to discover that the electrics no longer work. And it’s not just a case of waiting for power to be restored – anything with a microchip, compass or other magnetic element simply refuses to turn on again. As the five stories weave through the novel, so the flow of chapters is sporadically interrupted by stand-alone chapters that either tell stories of other survivors, describe different scenarios playing out in other locations, or simply offer thoughts about the nature of the global society that has so easily crumbled.

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