Born and raised in the UK, I came to Spain in 2006, at the age of 30. Here, necessity forced a change of career, from graphic design to English language teaching. I worked part-time for many years, during which time I completed and published my debut novel, ‘epocalypse‘, a post-apocalyptic epic about various groups of survivors struggling to come to terms with the resultant end of digital technology, I also published a children’s book, ‘Molly & Polly and the Green Maiden‘, which I co-wrote with my young daughter and then illustrated myself.

I also took the time to study a degree in English Literature, which I found to be of great benefit to both my teaching work and my writing. But parenthood slowly made me realise that I couldn’t carry on living on a part-time wage, so I took the plunge and started my own business – an English language Academy and Bookshop called ‘First Stop English‘.

Running my own business forced me to put my writing on a back-burner, but still allowed me to be creative with the designing of logos and promotional material. It was also here, in the context of trying to do something a little different, that I rekindled one of my first creative loves – music. I realised that song is a fantastic way for students to learn and improve their English, while also giving the teacher a more creative focus to their work.

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