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Daylight Savings Scam

Or “The Circadian Rhythm and Blues” Originally written for the old VicMachin blog (24th October 2010) I’ve thought for a long time that putting the clocks back or forward at certain times of the year Read more…


MOOC – Open learning

You were introduced to the DAW (or sequencer), the step sequencer, and a range of notation software. Do you feel you would like to explore any of these technologies further? In my case, I am Read more…



As a teacher of English a second language in Spain, I have used and will continue to use music as a way to cross the teacher-student divide and show them that language learning can be Read more…


MOOC assignment

This post is for the MOOC I’m currently studying on Coursera (see this post for details). Open Space, Open Curriculum I’d like to compare the video The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen, and the blog Read more…

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